This list is deliberately written in English as it is aimed at foreign visitors to Madrid (either in Business or Tourism), who would like to have a taste of the great gastronomical delights that Madrid has to offer.
Therefore, here it is a selection of the restaurants that laGastrolista considers to be the Essentials to know.

The best restaurants for Mediterranean food that we would recommend for you are “Lakasa” (with a modern touch in its creations and a lot of hunting dishes), “La Bien Aparecida” (food from one of the northern regions of Spain and in a great environment), “Alabaster” (premium products from the Galician region and in a very elegant hall) and “Laredo” (close to Retiro park and with good meat, fish, rices and desserts, representing well the Spanish cuisine).

As for the typical Tapas, “La Ardosa” is one of the oldest restaurants / pubs in Madrid, where you can taste the famous Spanish omelette and “breathe” the ambience of an old tavern.
And talking about traditional food in Madrid, one of our historic stew dishes is the Cocido Madrileño, that you could taste in “La Bola”.


If you like gastronomic menus and innovation, “DSTAgE” should not be missed, as it is our most highly rated restaurant, with its two Michelin stars and its creativity, it should be a must in your places to go. However, reservations need to be made a few months in advance.

Or if you want to try one of the incredible Japanese restaurants that we have in Madrid (one of the best cities in the world for this kind of offering), “99 Sushi Bar” (specifically the one located under NH Eurobuilding Hotel) will surprise you with their combination of japanese and mediterranean cuisine, as well as their elegant ambience.

And last but not least, if you’re up for some more modern food, you should try the new concepts of Gastropubs and Fusion food at “Glass Mar” (casual bar from the 3 Michelin star Ángel León, located in a luxury hotel and specialising in exotic ingredients) or “Sala de Despiece” (decorated as a slaughterhouse and with very original small dishes, ideal for an informal dinner).

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